Who is this guy?

Experience Matters

Hiring an Event Host whose experience is limited to event hosting only can be extremely limiting. A good example of this is your typical retired Army Officer turned MC. Whilst they have the confidence to deliver a speech, they often adopt a ‘one style fits all’ approach. However if this style doesn’t suit the audience, then your guests will quickly disengage. 

My varied experience allows me to host a wide range of events and to change my style in any given moment to cater for any crowd, ensuring your event is a success. 


Event Hosting

I have performed at over 700 events covering every type of event you can possibly imagine.

Entertainment / Comedy

I’m a comedy writer and following a string of TV pilots I produced my first feature film in late 2023 titled ‘B-Movie’.

 I ran an entertainment business called Game Show Hire where I ran popular TV game shows at corporate events, which included The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right and Family Fortunes. I sold this business as I decided to incorporate my entertainment services into my event hosting.

Event Management

My first ever business was an Event Management business, which I ran from 2006 until I sold it in 2010. I organised hundreds of events during this time and also worked as a freelance Event Management Consultant.

I often provide additional backstage support at the events that I attend and am well experienced with providing ‘out of the box’ solutions, should anything not run to plan on the evening.


I’ve built and sold 5 businesses and plan to hopefully sell my sixth business in early 2024. My previous companies include Event Management, Photography Agency, Online Comedy Publication, Entertainment and Property.

Auctioneer / Fundraising

One of the biggest joys of what I do is when I get to raise funds for a worthy cause. I love grabbing a wireless mic, running inbetween tables, creating bidding wars and auctioning items for the highest amount possible.

TV and Comedy Work

A few years back I was a TV presenter, working with Universal
Warner Brothers and Fox. More recently I’ve
moved into production comedy with my first feature
film due for release in late 2024. Below is a TV bit I did for
Universal to celebrate their centenary and a short film
that I used as a warm up for my feature film.