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Kevin was the auctioneer at a recent fundraiser, and he was *outstanding*. He worked hard to understand our audience and our auction items, and provided so much energy and humour in the auction itself - there is no way we would have been close to reaching our fundraising target without him. Thank you so much Kevin!

Tom Trewinnard

"Kevin was an absolute star! From start to finish he was professional, approachable and nothing was too much trouble. This was our first ever charity ball and with him on board we smashed our target by £12,000, and I know without a doubt a large portion of this was down to Kevin's hard work. Everyone had a fabulous time and he set the perfect tone throughout the evening. We would book him again in a heartbeat - thank you Kevin!"

Megan Manneh

"Kevin is a fantastic host. I used him as a toastmaster for a corporate event. I booked him last minute and with minimal prep time, he managed to provide an exceptional service. He was professional and went above and beyond to ensure that our guests were engaged throughout the course of the event. I highly recommend Kevin!"

Doreen Kasim

"Kevin recently hosted a company corporate event and proved to be the consummate professional throughout the evening. With his depth of experience in the industry, Kevin kept the evening flowing superbly and has the unique ability to read a room and keep everyone happy. Kevin is a great asset to any event."

Faerch Group

Why choose me to be YOUR Award Host?

Award Ceremonies are big occasions, which can take months of planning, this is why it’s important to choose an Award Ceremony Host who has the experience to make your event a success. 

Choosing an inexperienced host can have dire consequences, the names of nominees, winners and sponsors can be mispronounced, people can be poorly stage managed and worst of all the audience can lose interest, making the ceremony background noise to table conversations. 

I have the experience to make your Award Ceremony a success. I’ll go through a detailed consultation with you before the event, as well as leading your team through a rehearsal on the day to ensure everything goes to plan. 


700+ Happy clients, 100% positive feedback

Endorsed by Deborah Meaden, Lord Coe and many corporate heads

A fair and balanced contract issued for every booking

I go through a detailed Event Host consultation with every client

Key questions every Award Host should be able to answer

Here are some key questions that every Award host should be able to answer without missing a beat. I’ve included my answers in the drop-down menus.

Are you fully insured as an Award Host?

Yes, I have PLI cover of £2,000,000. I’m happy to provide an insurance certificate on request.

If you hire an Event Host who isn’t insured, then there may be a long and lengthy legal process to recoup any costs as a result.

What type of events have you hosted previously?

Award Ceremonies (adults & kids), Gala Dinners, Charity Auctions, Business Conferences, Product Launches, Store Openings, Christmas Parties, Fireworks Events, Marathons, Sport Days, Company Anniversary, Female Sexual Empowerment (Shallis) and a range of private events.

It’s important to check that your Event Host has hosted a range of different events, as it shows that your host has the ability to change and adapt their presentation style in any given situation.

What would you do if X happened? - The Curve Ball

Even with the best planning in the world, the unexpected can happen. Suppliers can get caught in traffic, a fire alarm could sound, the food the catering supplies could be off, there could be a power cut, a fight could break out between two guests and the list goes on. 

The question is what would your Event Host do in each of these situations? Don’t be afraid to chuck a curve ball question like this, after all you want to know that you’re in a safe pair of hands for the evening. 

After hosting over 700 events and running my own Event Management business I’ve seen it all and as such I’m well prepared to deal with any emergency that may arise. 

Do you have video testimonials I can see?

Any one can draw up a testimonial and post it on a website, which is why in this day and age it’s important that you see video testimonials of previous clients.

That’s why you’ll find dozens of video testimonials throughout my website, including from Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden.