Charity Auctioneer

I’ll SMASH Your Targets

Entertaining Style

My high energy style will ensure you raise the most possible at your event. 

Fundraising Strategy

I’ll work with you before the event to create a plan so I can SMASH your targets at the event. 

Why You Will Choose Me As Your Charity Auctioneer

Auctions are normally run by charity auctioneers who offer little interaction with the audience other than the bids. This is an OK way to run an auction however it’s unlikely to achieve the full fundraising potential.

I’ve found from experience that if guests are entertained they’re a lot happier to part with their cash

That’s why as a charity auctioneer I offer my clients two options. The first is the traditional method, stood at the podium. Alternatively I arm myself with a wireless mic, get amongst your guests, encourage bidding wars and turn the auction into an engaging entertainment spectacle. 

Regardless of the style you choose, I always take myself away, stand in the outcome of the night and aim to smash your fundraising targets on the night.


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