I’ll Entertain Your Guests & Manage All Aspects of Your Conference

Event Management

My experience of running an event management business gives me a unique skill set whereby I can present a conference, manage the stage as well as give full support behind the scenes as and when it’s needed. 

Back-up Plans

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Speakers get caught in traffic, creating time in the schedule that needs to be filled or a problem with the mic cuts the sound.

I have a range of back-up plans in place which cover a number of different scenarios to ensure, no matter what happens, the show will go on.

What is a Conference Host?

Hiring a Conference Host for an all-day event is different from hiring a host for the evening. As well as having a good stage presence as a Conference Host, as well as being able to manage the agenda throughout the day. 


Booking a Conference Host without this experience can lead to your audience becoming disengaged, Q&A opportunities being wasted and even the event being cut short, because it’s overrun. 

Why Hire Me as Your Conference Host?

I have the experience as a conference host to make your event a success. I’ll work closely with you to ensure your event runs on time. My experience with interviewing business leaders and A-list celebrities will make for an engaging Q&A without any mishaps. 

Get in contact today and let’s have a chat about what I can do for your conference. 

Live Q&As

Live Q&As are often an essential part of any conference and provide an excellent opportunity for a speaker to share more about their achievements, motivational talk, and for the guests to ask questions as well.

 A great Conference Host must be prepared with their own questions, but more importantly the Conference Host but be prepared to listen. I’ve been to many events as a guest, where a great follow-up question was missed, because the host didn’t listen to the answer given by the interviewee. 

I listen to the people I interview, asking them questions which lead onto answers that forward the overall conversation. I also spend the time before every event to research the people that I’m going to interview, so I can fully engage with them and ask them questions that people want to know the answers to. 

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