Family event Host

Entertaining Adults
& Kids


I can play a range of games with your guests regardless of their age. As a father of two and the designated entertainer at all birthday parties, I’m well experienced with keeping kids entertained for hours on end.

Stage Management

My years of corporate event hosting combined with my experience of running an event management company means I’ll ensure that your events runs smoothly and to time. 

Choosing a Family Event Host can be a tricky. You want someone who is professional, who keeps to the schedule, but you also want someone who can entertain both adults and kids. 

 Get this balance wrong then you’re event can feel too formal, which won’t engage the kids. Alternatively it can be too much about games and play, with the event being poorly stage managed. 


  I get this balance right. My corporate and entertainment experience (and experience of being a Dad), means I will strike the right balance, I’ll keep the kids and their parents engaged, while making sure that your event runs smoothly too.


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