Event Hosting with Kevin Durham

How I'll Make Your Event A Success

Goal Setting

I recommend creating goals around your event, which measure if your event is a success or not. Goals give me a context for my hosting, which is always helpful.

Way of Being

How do you want me to be at your event? Do you want me to be intentional, straight, fun, lively, entertaining or should I go with the flow? The choice is entirely yours.

Stress Management

I’ll take the stress away so YOU can enjoy the event as much as your guests. My experience of hosting over 700 events and running an Event Management Company means your event is in safe hands with me.

Event Advice

If you’d like any event planning advice then I’m happy to help. This could be on the schedule, your suppliers, catering, guest management or anything else.

Helping You Find Success With Your Event

What I’ll cover to ensure

your event is a success

I go through a detailed consultation with every client, to make sure that I exceed my client’s expectations.

Event Rehearsal

Rehearsals are key to the success of any event. Once a live event begins, there’s very little room for error. Taking an awards ceremony as an example. there’s many things that need to be planned to ensure the event flows smoothly. This includes how award winners get on and off the stage, how the award will be presented, where the photographer will be and how the AV will work.

This is why I always recommend an on-stage rehearsal with all members of the team who will be on the stage at any point in the evening.

What do you want me to do and how to do want me to host?

Looking at what you want me to do at your event is nothing special and is covered by any event host that you’d hire. 

However there’s not many hosts who will spend the time to get clear on exactly how you want them to present, as most come with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You might want me to be lively, energetic, sombre, intentional, professional, entertaining, inspiring, fun, serious or anything in-between? The choice is entirely yours.

Experience Matters

Hiring an Event Host whose experience is limited to event hosting only can be extremely limiting. A good example of this is your typical retired Army Officer turned MC. Whilst they have the confidence to deliver a speech, they often adopt a ‘one style fits all’ approach. However if this style doesn’t suit the audience, then your guests will quickly disengage. 

My varied experience allows me to host a wide range of events and to change my style in any given moment to cater for any crowd, ensuring your event is a success. 


Event Hosting

I have performed at over 700 events covering every type of event you can possibly imagine.

Entertainment / Comedy

I’m a comedy writer and following a string of TV pilots I produced my first feature film in late 2023 titled ‘B-Movie’.

 I ran an entertainment business called Game Show Hire where I ran popular TV game shows at corporate events, which included The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right and Family Fortunes. I sold this business as I decided to incorporate my entertainment services into my event hosting.

Event Management

My first ever business was an Event Management business, which I ran from 2006 until I sold it in 2010. I organised hundreds of events during this time and also worked as a freelance Event Management Consultant.

I often provide additional backstage support at the events that I attend and am well experienced with providing ‘out of the box’ solutions, should anything not run to plan on the evening.


I’ve built and sold 5 businesses and plan to hopefully sell my sixth business in early 2024. My previous companies include Event Management, Photography Agency, Online Comedy Publication, Entertainment and Property.

Auctioneer / Fundraising

One of the biggest joys of what I do is when I get to raise funds for a worthy cause. I love grabbing a wireless mic, running inbetween tables, creating bidding wars and auctioning items for the highest amount possible.

My Approach

I customise my style depending on the event and the tone that my client wants me to adopt. My Summer Festival High Energy Style wouldn’t work well at a business conference and likewise my intentional and corporate approach would drop like a lead balloon at a 7,000 person outdoor family event.

This is why I customise my style for each and every client, because no two events are the same. Being able to change my style has enabled me to cover a broad range of events from Firework Family Events through to Tech Conferences.

Schedule a free 1-to-1 video call with me today to find out what I can do for your event.


How I Work

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s have a chat about your event. I’d love to know your desired intention and outcome.

Do you want your guests to be inspired, left with a core branding message, does the event need to be intentional to get through a lot of content or do you simply want everyone to have a good time?



What I Can Do For You

Once I’m fully clear about your event I’ll let you know what I can do for you and how I can make your event a success.

I’ll then welcome any question that you have for me. I welcome curve ball questions and addressing worst case scenarios with potential solutions.


Once you’ve confirmed that you’re happy to press ahead I’ll then issue you with a signed service contract, invoices for payment (50% deposit, 50% remainder) and will send you a list of questions through in preparation for our detailed consultation.