Kevin was a brilliant host for our event - incredibly well prepared including double checking pronunciations of names, turning up early to complete a dress rehearsal and helping out to run around with a card machine for charity in his breaks from hosting without prompting - would highly recommend for any event.

Matt Gilby 

Kevin is a fantastic host. I booked him last minute and with minimal prep time, he managed to provide an exceptional service. He was professional and went above and beyond to ensure that our guests were engaged throughout the course of the event. I highly recommend Kevin!

Doreen Kasim

My company used Kevin for our awards evening, and we were blown away with his performance! From the time of engagement Kevin was very clear and communitive, gave great advise and set clear deadlines. We will definitely be working with Kevin again.

Fahim Modak

Kevin hosted our staff conference event this year which was fantastic. He brought an energy and enthusiasm with him and played a really important part in getting people engaged in the day. Thank you for all your help in making this a really memorable day for Golding.

Golding Homes

Kevin durham

Why choose me to be YOUR Master of Ceremonies?

Your event may have taken hundreds of hours to plan, so it’s important to choose a Master of Ceremonies who is the right fit for your event. Some functions require a straight approach, while others need a Master of Ceremonies with an entertaining high-energy level, which is why the choice can be a tough one.

This is why I customise my style for every client, which enables me to cater to a wide range of events and exceeding my client’s expectations.

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Master of Ceremonies Key Points

  • 750+ Events Covered
  • Unique game show entertainment 
  • Audience record 80,000 (Download Festival)
  • Auctioneer Fundraising Total So Far
    £2.5 million (June 2024)
  • Endorsed by Deborah Meaden & Lord Coe
  • Previous Clients Include Fox, Universal & Ford
  • Detailed Consultation with every client
  • Movie Producer & Business Owner

Goal Setting

I recommend creating goals around your event, which measure if your event is a success or not. Goals give me a context for my hosting, which is always helpful.

Way of Being

How do you want me to be at your event? Do you want me to be intentional, straight, fun, lively, entertaining or should I go with the flow? The choice is entirely yours.

Stress Management

I’ll take the stress away so YOU can enjoy the event as much as your guests. My experience of hosting over 700 events and running an Event Management Company means your event is in safe hands with me.

Event Advice

If you’d like any event planning advice then I’m happy to help. This could be on the schedule, your suppliers, catering, guest management or anything else.

Lets make your event a SUCCESS


Event Rehearsal

Rehearsals are key to the success of any event. Once a live event begins, there’s very little room for error. Taking an awards ceremony as an example. there’s many things that need to be planned to ensure the event flows smoothly. This includes how award winners get on and off the stage, how the award will be presented, where the photographer will be and how the AV will work.

This is why I always recommend an on-stage rehearsal with all members of the team who will be on the stage at any point in the evening.

What do you want me to do and how to do want me to host?

Looking at what you want me to do at your event is nothing special and is covered by any event host that you’d hire.

However there’s not many hosts who will spend the time to get clear on exactly how you want them to present, as most come with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You might want me to be lively, energetic, sombre, intentional, professional, entertaining, inspiring, fun, serious or anything in-between? The choice is entirely yours.

My Approach

I customise my style depending on the event and the tone that my client wants me to adopt. My Summer Festival High Energy Style wouldn’t work well at a business conference and likewise my intentional and corporate approach would drop like a lead balloon at a 7,000 person outdoor family event.

This is why I customise my style for each and every client, because no two events are the same. Being able to change my style has enabled me to cover a broad range of events from Firework Family Events through to Tech Conferences.

Schedule a free 1-to-1 video call with me today to find out what I can do for your event.