Kevin was an essential part of our wedding day! He was incredibly helpful (he thought of things we hadn’t and took care of anything unplanned on the day too!). We knew Kevin would be fantastic, but he exceeded expectations, he listened to everything we wanted out of him for the day and did it with professionalism and fun! Thank you Kevin for helping to make our day so special and run super-smoothly. 🙂

Kirsty Black

Kevin went above and beyond on our special day! He provided a clear structure for our day, but delivered in such a way guests were comfortable! He also stuck his hand in to help with other areas of the day! Constantly checking in with us too!

Thank you Kevin for everything you helped with on our wedding day! You were amazing.

Edward Muldowney

Kevin was our toastmaster at our wedding, he was just amazing!!!! he made our day run so smoothly and we couldn’t of gotten through it without him. Our guests loved him and he really made the day come together. He had a real modern day approach to being a toastmaster which really suited our style for the wedding, Kevin really understood what we wanted for the day and how we wanted it to run, he was helpful and supportive to us both. He even made video clips of the ceremony and guest testimonials which was so lovely to of been sent the following day. We would highly recommend him and could not rate him as a toastmaster enough.

Natalie Okolo

Kevin was our toastmaster for our wedding day and was absolutely incredible, the perfect mixture of relaxed, fun and professional.
All the guests mentioned how great he was, he honestly helped us make the day run so smoothly and we really appreciate all his hard work, thank you so much Kevin x

Stephanie Anderson

Kevin was utterly brilliant! He was great at hosting games and our guests thought he was great fun. Kevin kept us organised where we couldn’t and was ready lend all kinds of help! Couldn’t have asked for a better toastmaster. Highly recommended!

Joseph Gavin

Kevin attended my Daughters Wedding, everyone commented how wonderful he was and did his job professionally and proficiently. I personally appreciated the fact that you came to me checking things were on schedule and ready for the next stage of the proceedings. The games I thought went down well, long enough but not too long. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you and by having you there it enabled me to also enjoy the day more. Thank you so much and if I ever have the opportunity of recommending you or using you again I will certainly be in touch. Mother of the Bride.

Samantha Slavin

Unofficial Insurance Policy

I’ll make sure your wedding runs to time, that suppliers are kept in line and that any mishaps are dealt with quickly and effectively.


I’ll entertain your guests, by playing a range of ice breaker games throughout the day.


I’ll make sure your guests are in the right place, at the right time throughout your wedding day. 

Free Video Guest Book

I offer all of my clients a completely free, unedited 4K video guest book, as well as unedited coverage from the day.

First Aid Trained

I’m first aid trained so rest assured if anything happens with your guests I’ll be on hand to help in every possible way.

Events Covered

(as of June 2024)

I’ve covered every type of wedding you can possibly imagine as a Wedding Master of Ceremonies including traditional, same-sex, Greek, Indian, Pakistani, steampunk, carribean, multi-culturial, weddings with big budgets (£10 million+), weddings on low budgets (£5k) and everything inbetween.

Planning Is Key

There are numerous things that need to be managed on your wedding day including the catering, flowers, DJ/band, coordinating guests with parking, the celebrants, the group photos, speeches, travelling between locations, accommodation and many more.

Given the investment you’ve made and the months of planning that’s gone into the day, the last thing you want is to have to deal with any of these points on the day.

As your Wedding Master of Ceremonies I’ll go through a detailed consultation with you to get clear on all aspects of your wedding. On the day I’ll shoulder ALL of the responsibility so you’re left to enjoy the day completely stress free.



No matter how detailed a wedding plan is, things can still go wrong.  Your wedding transport could get stuck in traffic, the caterers equipment could fail or a DJ’s/bands speakers could explode.

When this happens it’s important to have someone close by, who is willing to roll their sleeves up and to do whatever it takes to make sure your wedding still goes to plan.

I’ve been a stand-in DJ plugging into the venue’s PA system, hopping between various devices because the DJ’s speakers had blown. At another wedding when the catering failed I coordinated between six local restaurants to have food delivered for eighty people within an hour.

I will do whatever it takes to save your special day so get in touch today and find out what I can do for you and your wedding.

What is a Master of Ceremonies?

A Wedding Master of Ceremonies is the conductor of your wedding day’s symphony. Think of the Master of Ceremonies as the glue that holds all the elements of your wedding together, guiding your guests from one delightful moment to the next with grace, humor, and style. With years of experience and a knack for engaging crowds, Kevin will ensure that every part of your wedding is flawlessly executed, from the grand entrance to the last dance.

Duties of Our Wedding Master of Ceremonies

1. Welcoming and Hosting: Kevin warmly welcomes your guests and sets the tone for your celebration, ensuring everyone feels included and excited for the festivities.

2. Coordination with Suppliers: Kevin the Master of Ceremonies works closely with your wedding planner, photographers, caterers, and other vendors to ensure everyone is in sync, making for a stress-free event.

3. Announcements and Introductions: From introducing the bridal party to announcing the couple’s first dance, Kevin your Master of Ceremonies makes all the necessary announcements with flair and precision.

4. Managing the Timeline: Keeping the event on schedule is crucial. Kevin adeptly manages the timeline, ensuring that all activities, such as speeches, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing, happen at the right time.

5. Entertainment: Kevin goes beyond traditional Master of Ceremonies duties to provide entertainment activities, whether it’s games, performances, or interactive sessions, ensuring your guests are constantly engaged and entertained.

6. Guest Engagement: Kevin keeps the energy high, interacting with guests, encouraging participation, and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

​Why Choose Kevin?

Choosing Kevin as your Master of Ceremonies means entrusting your wedding day to a professional who is dedicated to making your event exceptional. With a keen eye for detail, a talent for engaging audiences, and a commitment to excellence, Kevin will ensure your wedding is not just an event, but an experience to remember.

Make your wedding day as perfect as your love story. Contact Kevin today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create an unforgettable celebration.