I’ll keep your guests entertained with

a range of games throughout the day.

Entertainment On Request

On-request I’m more than happy to keep your clients entertained during the quieter times during your wedding. Here’s a few ways I can keep your guests entertained. 

Table Entertainment

Having games at tables during dinner is a great way to keep your wedding guests engaged and to help break the ice, especially if you have people seated next to others that they don’t know so well.


Audience Based Games

I can involve all of your guests with my audience based games. From the wedding shoe game, right through to a popular app based game called Heads Up, I’ll ensure your guests are kept entertained at all times. 


Game Show Entertainment

I previously ran my own game show business, where I would play popular game shows up and down the country with corporate and private clients. 

I sold the business to incorporate entertainment into my work as a host and auctioneer. 

On request I can play popular game shows with your guests including Family Fortunes, Play Your Cards Right and many more.