From managing guests and
suppliers through to being a
back-up Photographer, find
out about my services below.



Supplier Management

I’ll manage all aspects of your wedding this includes making sure your suppliers do what they said they’re going to do,m by when they said they’re going to do it.


I’ll give public speaking training to anyone delivering a speech to help settle any last minute nerves and I’ll introduce everyone giving a speech.

Time Management

I’ll ensure that your wedding runs to time and to schedule by managing your guests and suppliers. 


I’ll keep your guests entertained throughout your wedding meal with a range of games that can be played at guest tables or with the entire audience. 

Guest Management

I’ll make sure your guests are fully aware about what’s happening at all times, ensuring they’re in the right place, at the right time. I handle all guest requests and will help guide any lost guests to the venue.

Video Guest Book

I’ll create an unedited 4K video guest book for you, that I’ll share with you within one week of your wedding.

Back-up Photographer

If your photographer and/or videographer does not show up on the day then I can take their place. The photos won’t be edited, however you’ll have the full res image of every photo that I take to ensure you have plenty of memories from your special day. 

Other Back-Up Plans

No matter how well you plan for a wedding the unexpected can still happen. Ranging from suppliers not showing up, guests getting stuck in traffic or venue staff being ill. I’ve seen it all, which makes me well prepared with a host of back-up plans should the unexpected happen.